Scattering Ashes at Sea

With over fifty percent of funerals in America ending in cremation, the first question many families have is, “What do we do with the ashes?”

Most, perhaps, place them on a fireplace mantle or other prominent shelf. A good many elect to inter the cremains of a loved one in a natural burial but for others there is another appealing and eco-conscious option—our Scattering Ashes At Sea memorial.

Marrying a dignified and timeless tradition with today’s most environmentally conscious practices, a loved one’s remains are spread atop the waves by family members and friends in the open ocean no closer than three nautical miles from the shoreline.

Thus, a person’s memory lives on not in a single location but everywhere the time, tides and winds take them—eventually coming to eternal rest surrounded by the serene and natural environment of the ocean floor.

While often the choice for a loved one with a special affinity for a beachfront community, seashore home or other cherished oceanside location, our Scattering Ashes At Sea service is becoming an increasingly attractive option to anyone whose love of nature is endless and eternal.