Natural Burial

Natural burial, or green burial, presents the most ecologically friendly way to lay a loved one to rest. You preserve not only their memories but also the natural habitat in a manner that no traditional funeral can attempt to match.

The focus is on simplicity, sincerity and environmental sustainability. Our Natural Burial does away with embalming chemicals, It also eliminates the carbon emissions associated with cremations. Instead, family members are usually returned to nature wrapped in a cotton or linen shroud.

Without caskets, urns or vaults in concrete, brass, bronze or steel, complete decomposition of the body is achieved and its gradual return to the soil is assured. If used at all, they are fully biodegradable. Thus, our Natural Burial provides a perfect example of the time-honored phrase, “ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”

Natural burial personifies a loved one’s life and how they chose to live it. Family participation is not only allowed but encouraged. Carrying, placing and lowering the body becomes an integral part of the ritual. Backfilling the grave is most often accomplished in the hands of family members and friends. You care for a loved one in death as you did in life.

In many instances, the planting of flowers, shrubs, a tree or indigenous flora by family members and friends provide the ultimate memorial of a green and natural burial.

Cathartic, simple, loving and caring are a few words that best define our Natural Burial.