Tree of Life Cremation Burial

Planting a tree to honor your loved one’s memory is a beautiful way to “give back” to the environment while establishing a living memorial that you can visit. This simple and beautiful method provides your loved one a way to truly return to nature after passing. Nothing separates them from the environment. Their cremains are mixed directly with the native soil and laid to eternal rest with a tree or shrub planted above them as a living memorial.

Services such as our Tree of Life Cremation Burial are part of an increasingly popular trend with families everywhere. Many now prefer to conduct events that feel less like a sorrowful traditional funeral and more like a joyous life celebration.

Instead of focusing on death, they honor the memory of a departed loved one by emphasizing life, and create a living legacy and tribute to someone who has died, benefiting the earth and environment, as well as present and future generations.

While others employ biodegradable caskets or urns in their living memorials, our approach is even more eco-friendly. After cremation, your loved one’s ashes become one with a tree or shrub. This is a natural, living, and sustainable alternative to placing remains in cemeteries or mausoleums and purchasing tombstones or grave markers.

Thus, a memory lives in the soil as well as in your hearts long after someone dear to you has departed.