Memorial Reef Installations

Placing a departed loved one to rest on a memorial reef is a natural and fulfilling way to honor their life and celebrate their love of nature. We integrate their cremated remains in a concrete “reef ball” that is then submerged at a special, environmentally-approved ocean location.

With our Memorial Reef Installation, the deceased’s final resting place becomes part of an undersea memorial garden, Here, aquatic life in all its rich variety prospers while family members and friends can visit and explore.

This unique form of burial at sea is gaining thousands of adherents globally and for very good reason. With more than 6,000 Memorial Reefs currently deployed worldwide, these resting places support marine life by increasing biomass and marine nourishing areas that have been adversely impacted by climate change, pollutants or overfishing.

With the creation and placement of the reef balls containing the remains of the deceased, we provide families and their loved ones with the opportunity to participate in building new and highly necessary oceanic reefs.

Contributing to the restoration of our endangered reef systems is not only a family legacy but also a living tribute with lasting benefits to people, plants and animals everywhere.

Through our Memorial Reef Installations, we’re proud to support Memorial Reefs International in their global effort to restore life to the seas.

Now and Later Program

The now and later program offers the unique ability to share the gift of life while living and also securing your desired funeral disposition offering.

This is how it works: choose your desired reef ball size option. Rest assured your final needs will be met. After your selection is chosen Destination Destiny will deploy a reef ball at your desired reef location in your name now while you are living. 

This option affords you the ability to help us change the world now by repairing and building the world’s reef systems. And appreciation that can be enjoyed by all and a gift given to you know in the present.

So the gift of life now, and the gift of life when your final resting place is deployed in the future. 2 for one, a concept that can certainly be embraced.

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