Funeral Director Resources

Destination Destiny would like to introduce you to the most innovative eco-friendly funeral options available in today’s marketplace.  

We understand that every family has different desires and needs. 

Our goal is to help funeral directors, service providers and families understand the options we provide and create a package that is special to what you are seeking so families can experience the celebration of their loved one’s life. 

Having a keen eye for environmental benefits and concerns helps us introduce the most unique and memorable experiences while creating living memorials that sustain future generations. 

Celebrate the life that was lived by creating a lasting memory of that life thru the living. 

Among the many services that Destination Destiny provides currently, we offer five Natural Burial locations nationally and Memorial Reef Cremation and Tree of Life Celebrations globally. 

Be part of a cultural shift in deathcare that will change how we protect our planet while healing the soul. 

Partnering Home Program

Partnering Funeral Homes:

Funeral Homes and Service Providers that agree to display, promote and sell Destination Destiny services will be listed as an approved, natural burial funeral home on our website.

You’ll gain wider recognition for offering natural burial services and families in your area that are seeking such services can find you more readily.

Additionally, we will:

  • Provide social media announcements of our partnership on Facebook and other channels
  • Include your name whenever possible in future marketing materials that are developed for distribution to families/consumers
  • Incorporated your name whenever possible into future marketing that is targeted to families/consumers, such as digital marketing
  • Provide you with updated PDF materials and information as it becomes available
  • Offer personalized sales support to your funeral home

We ask that our Partners actively provide our collateral to Families and show us as a Partner to you by providing an active link to Destination Destiny ( on your website.  We will provide you with a jpeg for our LOGO.

Non-Partnering Funeral Homes

Any interested funeral home can offer our services to their clients or prospective customers free of the partner relationship described above.

We are happy to provide Destination Destiny marketing materials for you to have on hand should a family inquire about natural burial services. You’ll meet the needs of more consumers while we assist you in providing services as arranged through your funeral home.

Brochures for Download

Green Burial Council Certification

Why It Matters to Funeral Professionals

As today’s families increasingly embrace funeral services with a lighter hand on the land, they need trustworthy stewards and ambassadors to provide accurate information and ethical guidance.

Your commitment to supporting sustainable after-death options will make your firm the first choice for eco-conscious families in your community. With certification from the Green Burial Council (GBC), the globally recognized authority on natural burial, you will be able to lead challenging conversations about affordable, eco-friendly, and spiritually meaningful green burials.

About Certification

GBC certification is awarded to providers who demonstrate compliance with established standards that are designed to support sustainable practices in funeral services, such as:

  • Offering the decedent’s family the option of a public viewing without embalming, or use only GBC approved post-mortem fluids
  • Carrying at least three GBC approved or rated burial containers
  • Accommodating families choosing to conduct home vigils prior to viewing on-site without embalming, or use only GBC approved post-mortem fluids
  • Offering sanitation and temporary preservation of a decedent using only noninvasive techniques and materials

Approved providers receive:

  • The Trusted Green Burial Council Logo on their website
  • Promotion In our newsletter and social media platforms
  • Access to downloadable marketing materials
  • Free listing on the GBC website

Learn more about GBC Certification for your funeral home at

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