Columbian Cemetery

​Portland, OR

The final resting place for people from all class levels and ethnic groups, the Columbian Cemetery has served citizens in the North Portland area since 1857. Steeped in history, the naturally wooded site enjoys a prime location about one mile south of the Columbia River.

The cemetery was originally named the Love Cemetery after Captain Lewis Love. He was one of the first settlers to the area and lived on the property as he made his fortune rafting logs down the river to Portland.

A fascinating cross-section of people in Portland is buried here, including some of the city’s founding fathers, freed slaves and many pioneers who arrived in the territory after traversing the famous Oregon Trail.

A site unmatched in its heritage

Now a location for natural burials, the Columbian Cemetery holds a treasured place in Portland history.

The cemetery was an integral part of the area’s early development and, despite neglect and vandalism in the past, today remains a vibrant part of the Portland community. Each year, the site hosts several activities a year for the benefit of local residents.

Columbian Cemetery
1151 Columbia Boulevard., Portland, OR 97211
(609) 628-2297


  • Burial site opening and closing
  • All Faith Chapel coming soon
  • Display space onsite
  • Advanced reservations are available


Green Gardens

  • ​​Cremated remains burial
  • ​Full body burial