Moravian High Acres

​Canadensis, PA

Natural burial at Moravian High Acres Cemetery is a way to preserve Pocono Mountain heritage. The site dates back to 1848 and has been an important part of the history of the area since.

It is located in Canadensis in Barrett Township in northern Monroe County, Pennsylvania. The unusual name can be attributed to the scientific name for the eastern hemlock tree, Tsugas Canadensis.

According to the Monroe Historical Society, the area was recognized for its “dense forests and clean streams.” Indeed, bark from the area’s trees was used in the tanneries to process leather and pelts. Numerous lumber mills also produced not only timber for Philadelphia markets but also products such as clothespins, roof shingles, barrels and more.

The area later became a favored destination for Philadelphians seeking a peaceful rural retreat.

Preserving the area’s flora and fauna

The Moravian High Acres Cemetery is home to the Alpine Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary. Its mission is to preserve and protect these precious and beautiful surroundings through natural burial.

Moravian High Acres Cemetery
#447 and Dutch Hill Road, Canadensis, PA 18325
(609) 628-2297


  • Burial site opening and closing​
  • Advanced reservations are available
  • Cremated remains burial


Historic High Acres Section Plots
3’ x 10’ Single Plot

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