Bisbee Memorial Gardens

Bisbee, Arizona

For centuries, Bisbee was a desert wilderness area, inhabited by the Chiricahua Apache Native American tribe. In 1880, Americans settled the area, formally establishing the town of Bisbee. Named after Judge Dewitt Bisbee of the Copper Queen Mine, the city thrived as a gold, silver, and copper mining town. High quality by-product minerals such as cuprite and Bisbee Blue turquoise have come from the area, with some specimens being featured in international museums. The city boomed for several decades until its decline in 1960, marking its shift from a mining town to a tourist destination. Visitors from around the world come to Bisbee for its mining tours, Victorian buildings, and stunning natural surroundings.

Bisbee Memorial Gardens sits just outside downtown, surrounded by the majestic Mule Mountains and views of Northern Mexico. In 2024, Ed Bixby and Rich Wong acquired the property with the intention of protecting and preserving Bisbee’s unique history and breathtaking natural landscape.

Unmatched Scenery

Families seeking to lay a loved one to rest with a natural burial will find no more impressive a location than Bisbee Memorial Gardens. Surrounded by the picturesque Mule Mountains, the property offers panoramic mountain views among a serene desert landscape.

Bisbee Memorial Gardens
1572 Highway 92, Bisbee, Arizona
(609) 628-2297


  • Cremated Remains Burial
  • Tree of Life Burial
  • Cremains Scattering
  • Natural Burial
  • Traditional Burial
  • Burial Site Opening and Closing
  • Off Trail Burials
  • Eco-Trails (Coming Soon)
  • Advanced Reservations

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