Destination Destiny offers the most innovative eco-friendly funeral options available today. Our goal is to help families understand the new opportunities they have when seeking a unique experience through the celebration of life and the living.

We understand that every family has different needs. Our expertise allows us to recognize this, provide best practices for each unique circumstance, and create appropriate packages that are designed together with the family.

Having a keen eye for environmental benefits and concerns helps us deliver to you unsurpassed and memorable experiences while creating living memorials that sustain future generations.

Come celebrate the life that was lived by creating a lasting memory of that life through the living.

Among the many services provided, we offer five Natural Burial locations nationally and Memorial Reef Cremation and Tree of Life Celebrations globally.

Be part of a cultural shift in memorial services that will change how we protect our planet while healing the soul.

About The Owner

Edward Bixby is the owner and operator of the Steelmantown Cemetery Company that consists of reclaimed and restored abandoned historical cemeteries. Ed is a business leader with entrepreneurial abilities that has opened new markets not previously considered in the funeral services industry. A land use expert, former real estate broker and owner of Fox and Fox Builders, Ed has channeled his keen insights in land usage to become a proven leader in the natural burial movement.

He currently owns New Jersey’s first and only natural burial preserve, Steelmantown Natural Cemetery and four other natural cemeteries. Ed currently serves as Board President on the Green Burial Council, the leading authority on natural burial in North America. He has served as educator, training funeral directors and cemetery owners about the ways of natural burial. Ed promotes the practice in educational public discussions around the country. At the heart of his work and vision in natural burials, Ed has expanded the public’s perception of what a funeral service should be.

With a penchant for understanding new opportunities and the foresight on how to deliver them, Ed has now embarked on expanding his expertise to include developing a destination life celebration service, called Destination Destiny.