Whitewater Cemetery

​Altura, MN

Only a few miles from the Mississippi River and surrounded by thousands of protected acres of the Whitewater State Wildlife Management Area, this cemetery is part of one the most unique and breathtaking landscapes in America. 

An incredible ecosystem with an equally incredible story

1867, there were five bustling towns along southeast Minnesota’s pristine Whitewater Valley. Today, three of those towns have vanished. The cemeteries, however, including Whitewater Cemetery, still remain, and those buried there still have stories to tell. We believe the best way to honor those buried in Whitewater Cemetery is to carry on these stories and help to preserve the fragile ecosystem in which the cemetery sits. Recently, Whitewater Cemetery became part of a long-running environmental protection effort happening in the valley. This effort began with the establishment of Whitewater State Park in 1919, followed by the establishment of The Whitewater State Wildlife Management Area in 1921, then the bold soil conservation programs of the 1930s. Today, forests are thriving and once-depleted native plant species and pollinator habitats are making tremendous comebacks. Whitewater Cemetery is a vital part of this progress. By providing a space for natural burials, where native flora and fauna can thrive, this cemetery is a shining example of what good can come from not only environmental mindfulness, but also an honest and heartfelt respect for the dead.

Whitewater Cemetery
Hwy 74 & Fischer Hill Dr., Altura, MN 55910
(609) 628-2297

Special Features

The Whitewater Valley is part of what is known as the Driftless Area, a rugged stretch of land along the Mississippi River that remained unaffected by glaciers during the last ice age. Today, it draws in countless birdwatchers, fishermen and nature lovers of all sorts. 


  • Burial site opening and closing
  • Advanced reservations
  • Traditional burial
  • Woodland burial
  • Cremated remains burial
  • Cremated remains scattering


  • Woodland burial
  • Historic section burial
  • Cremains burial or scattering
  • Pet cremains burial or scattering
  • Pet burial
  • All services are currently available

Learn More About The Whitewater Valley

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