Amery Prairie Home Cemetery

Amery, WI

Set amongst the countless lakes, forests and prairies of rural western Wisconsin, this cemetery is in the center of some of the most lush and vibrant pollinator habitat in the region. 

A small piece of land with a huge purpose

Since 1996, the monarch butterfly population in North America has plummeted by over 90%. This is due largely to the destruction of habitat through the spraying of herbicides, human development and wildfires. And it’s not only the monarchs that are suffering. Many different species of pollinators, including bees, are also affected, but thanks to the efforts of farmers and government programs in and around Amery, Wisconsin, the tide is turning in favor of these vital insects.

By re-establishing an abundance of a wide variety of incredible Wisconsin wildflowers, Amery Prairie Home Cemetery is a haven not just for wildflowers and the pollinators that depend on them, but also for those who want to be buried naturally, in the most loving way possible, in one of the most beautiful and unique ecosystems in America. 

Amery Prairie Home Cemetery
110th Ave & 120th St., Amery, WI 54001
(609) 628-2297

Special Features

The town of Amery and the surrounding area are filled with dozens of lakes, wild rivers and protected wilderness. It’s also home to a large number of artists and family farms that produce high quality organic goods, and it wouldn’t be Wisconsin without its picturesque dairy farms and their famous cheese. The entire area is a magnet for foodies, anglers and nature lovers from all over the Upper Midwest. 


  • Burial site opening and closing
  • Advanced reservations
  • Traditional burial
  • Cremated remains burial
  • Cremated remains scattering


  • 3’ x 8’ single burial plot
  • 3’ x 8’ double burial plot

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Pollinator habitat restoration in Wisconsin: